Distance Just Make Things Stronger.

I'm from Colombia but i'm living in USA, I met him in Vegas a couple of months ago, He's from England and we lived together the most amazing week in California due to a tour that both did. He was traveling alone, i was with a group of friends and when i saw it was just automatic, i felt butterflies on the stomach, really!

After that incredible week we have been talking every single day by Skype, emails, Whatsapp and every app that could do our communication easier he also writes letters for me from England.

We are starting to plan all a future together, we are so scared for everything but thinking that this love worth it.

I'm returning to Colombia at the end of September and we are planning to see each other there to start to be true "that" future; before that in exactly 4 weeks i'll be on a plane going to England for spend the most incredible 2 weeks of our lives and see what happen.

Are we crazy? I don't know what will happen with me, all the plans that i had before met him, but i just feel that this is the man of my life and whatever happens it will worth it.

Anyway, distance just has been our feelings stronger and that desire of see us again is just great, start planning a whole life it feels just perfect.

PS: Sorry for my english, i'm still learning :)
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Hi Ale,

It is great that you have understood the importance of trying. I will help you for sure dear.

You can mail me any time, I shall reply to asap.

Make it happen girl, a wonderful life is waiting for you. your life is to be lived. Please live it.



Maya thanks! again. I will tell you when everything happen haha promise! where are you from? i want to know more about you, maybe by email?


Hey dear,

Your English is fine for us and I dont think u would need to know english to communicate with your love. Your eyes would do the needful for him to understand.

Its so beautiful to see that you feel you found the man of your life.

Follow your heart. I always tell people this.

After 20 years, you shouldn't regret... That there was a plane waiting to take me there,a man of my life waiting for me and I just never tried.

Its a worst feeling you ever can have. Take a step forward, if it works, you just have got a man who is going to make ur life really worth living. If it doesn't work out. Just be proud that, you tried

Any help from friend, drop in a mail to me. I am there for you



Maya, thanks. You make me feel better, is a really hard situation, but you have reason, i need to try and make that this happen and if i'm not alone great!

I would like that you talk me more about your story by email or for here.

Have a nice day!