I've Learned My Lesson

So, it has been quite a while. And before you think "oh no" im actually fine. If you had seen any of my previous stories, you would find that i fell pretty damn hard for a girl who lived, a very long ways away. And now, after a long while, its over. This happened a pretty long time ago, and i didnt want to write about it beacuse, well, IT SUCKED! God she broke my heart so many times, it was a really an unhealthy relationship for me. Do i regret it? Yes maybe, but it was a wild ride. I really know what it feels like to have my heart broken now. And lemme tell yah, i dont really like it.

So some pretty obvious points of interest here... She didnt feel as much as i did... She lied like a crazy person... and she did what i never wanted her to do. Theres alot of things that took place afterwards with her, and i dont know if they were true or not. But as of right now, its a little painful to talk about

A few days after it ended completely, something completely out of the blue happened. A girl named Mackenzie, confessed her feelings to me. We went out to valleyfair (minesota six flags) and i had a great time. She's sweet, cute, funny, charismatic. Not really the kind of girl i usually date, but truth be told... I love her. She loves me back. And she's here! In Minesota! In my town! We went to the movies three days ago, and again, i had a great time.
I am happy
I am content
I am in love
I am not broken

All... is good...

If you have read any other of my stories, you know my feelings during that time. And thank you so much for your support! It was a tough time, full of drama and emotional turmoil.

Thanks again too on special person who had a huge part in keeping my spirits up!

Long distance CAN work. I've seen it, more than a few times. But you and your partner have to be dedicated, and sane....

holloww98 holloww98
Jun 25, 2012