The Love Of My Life

He lives 652km/425miles away from me..
His name is Seth.
And though we have country lines an many miles between us our love grew strong.

We were together for a mere 3 months but the hours we would talk each day felt like so much more..

I ended things after those three long months.. I couldn't deal with the distance and all the stress I had at the time...
He stopped talking to me after that..
I tried to move on by dating another boy, only to realize that was I was trying to convince myself that I was fine, that I could be happy without him...
But in reality? I couldn't.. I wasn't happy anymore..
A few days after I realized this, Seth started talking to me again!
I was so happy that I cried. I cried on and off for the whole 6 hours that we talked that day.
Pathetic I know..
But I don't care.

He told me that he forgave me, I told him I still love him, he said the same back.
I apologize to him everyday, and I will continue until he doesn't want me anymore...
I need to gain his trust back..
I know it'll be a long, hard process but I don't care.
Anything to win his heart back.

I love him, and I'll do anything for him to trust me again..
I'll do anything for him period. For as long as he wants me around..
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2012

Happy ending

It's good to hear that you're back together! I wish you both the best :)<br />
I kind of understand how you feel. Just a few months ago, I met this great guy and ended up falling head over heels for him. We had an amazing four months together but unfortunately, he had to go back home (to the other side of the world) to finish his last year of school. He asked me to go with him but I have my studies too. We tried talking for a few days but it was too hard so we ended up deciding to not have any contact for the next year. I miss him horribly and pray that he returns to me after he's done. Only 349 days until I can tell him how much I miss him... Sorry to rant, but my friends are getting tired of listening to me and I needed to get that out of my system :P

Well you can rant to me whenever you want to/need to(: