My Love Story, Wish It Didnt Have To End This Way :'(

Im 15 and i fell in love with the most wonderful girl i could spend all day describing her, we met online at, She lives in Michigan while i live here in Florida, I love her to death. We started talking while she had a boyfriend but she still had feelings for me and wanted to date me but she was in still dating her what is her ex now but eventually after a few months they broke up, and on 04-01-2012, 5 Days after they broke up. I asked her out and she said yes<3 That date meant the world to me<3 She was my first girlfriend, we always talked i would always wake up to a text saying Goodmorning Babe<3 and that was the happiest time of my life, and this when it goes down hill.. We broke up, she couldnt handle the stress that went with dating someone 1,192 miles away, We still called eachother baby and babe, we still said i love you then she moved on suddenly, She started dating someone else for the longest time i made her pick between me or him and i know that was wrong but i finally just told her to date him, those next few weeks i cried everyday till they broke up, and i was extremely happy because within a month i will be on my way to see her, i visited her for 4 days and those were the happiest days of my life then i had to go i thought about running away, i thought about just disappearing, i cant live without her :'( She was my first kiss and anytime i think about it i have to think about being there and i cant do that :'( i went home, everyday either punching the wall or thinking about killing myself but i didn't because of the guilt i knew she would have, i still talked to her but we constantly fought. Then she dated someone else and so did i, I tried to just be happy again, i tried to find the love i felt with her but it never happened. She is still with her bf today, and i constantly think about what would be different with her here! but she will never be here and ill never have her in my arms, and i think ill never be happy again :'(
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be strong mortal

Hey, guess what i love you!! and i dont have a boyfriend no more(: we will be together again someday soon. i just wish u lived her :( You mean sooo much to me<3 dont ever think that you dont!!!! and im not sure how i ever met someone as amazing as you :D

You're only 15! Don't stress so hard. It feels like the end of the world but you have your whole life ahead of you (: You'll find someone equally good, if not better. It just hurts right now, and the more you focus on the pain, the worse it is. Try to find someone else to keep your mind on and hang out with friends, things like that.
Best wishes!