Loving You Like Fat Boy Loves Cupcakes. <3

My name is Nikki and I am madly in love with a girl. It isnt anything wrong to love someone whos the same genre. So, umm I met her on the internet and yea I was like "wow, shes so pretty" but thats it.But when we start chatting on skype, and everyday he saw each other on webcam and just I fell in love with this girl.The way she laugh, the way she's making me smile when i sad ohh just she is special. So thats how its began. After 8 months what we have been together, I visited her. I am originally from Slovakia but im living in Uk couple years and this girl is from slovakia too :D But yea, anywayys.. When I saw her first time, I thought my heart gonna jump from my body and start hugging her :D um yea I was the first who moved to way to her and and when I hugged her... That was the best moment in my life, i was thinking "ohh please dont stop hugging me" its was just so amazing. Well,I was there for 2 amazing months.I was visiting her 2 times per a week,I know its not much-cuz she lives quite far from my town-but still, it was amazing.But then I had to go back to Uk.. When I visited her last time to say bye... she hugged me so haaard and she whispered to my ear "I love you forever" and i nearly cried:( ... well I left the country but i went there again and saw her beautiful little face with bright eyes:)) ... Now we have been together for 1 year 1month and 18 days:) .... I had couple relationships but this girl.. she is different.. she is the cutest thing I ever saw. She is the one.No matter how far she is I love her forever. <3
ladynikki3 ladynikki3
Dec 9, 2012