All My Love.... Really??

What does it exactly mean when a guy who lives so damn far away always texts you stuff like "all my love" and "I miss you"? He lives in Sydney and I am from Germany. We met last summer and had a connection straight away. We spent some nights together and since he left I feel horrible. I miss him so much and I am really sure that I have feelings for him which are more intense than just friendship. That's why I am wondering what those expressions exactly mean.
CloverLeaf88 CloverLeaf88
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

It means that he really cares about you and that there is nothing that could stop him from caring for you....sounds like a story from a disney movie and perhaps impossible....but when someone really cares the impossible is possible......I say this because I too am in the same situation...well more like your guys situation where I care for someone who is thousands of miles away...feelings that I can not explain...

Forgot to mention that he's always wearing the bracelet I gave to him the last day we saw each other...