Mad Love

I must be mad, giving my heart to a woman who lives so far away. I am crippled everyday, fantasizing with a lover's dream. I feel like screaming, maybe she can hear it, or feel the agony as she clutches my blood-pumper. With every blink, I see her smile. It's like the man in my head drew her under my eye lids as I slept. And I feed the image with every tear. Through the weeping. I cannot sleep.

I send messages during the night. As I look to the moon, i whisper. I hope she hears me. Maybe not, but i still do it anyways because I'm madly in love with a woman that's so far away.

This love hurts me, but she's worth every ache.
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4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

^ I am there, too

Is terrible situation, i'm in the same, it hurts. beautiful your words.

she can feel you.... i'm certain. <3

Know that there is hope. Know that if your soulmate is half way around the world, and you are destined to meet, then it may hurt, it may rip you apart and it may leave you half dead, but in the end, it WILL be worth it. Don't be afraid to feel- how can you be afraid when feeling leads to such beautiful expression. There is no drug like love, no drunken state quite like the REAL thing.. and it sounds as though you have it.