Phone Dead

Where are all those little words when you need them.. She called me last night. We were both tired..

She talks more than me. Not in a bad way though. I love listening to her. Her mind works on a different level than others. A very attractive brain to me. So, normally i listen. I'm good at that.

But last night we hardly said anything.. She doesn't like it when I'm too quiet over the telephone because, well, it's all we've got as far as a relationship (plane tickets are getting expensive)..

We were quiet last night. I wish i knew what to say sometimes.. The silence was as hard as glass. Loud as thunder.

If i could, I'd say my i love you's until my mouth went dry.

I just love her so much, those silent moments were wonderful when i went to see her a few weeks ago. we'd be laying on the couch in the afternoon, lazy a could be. Her head would be laying on my chest with our hands together. Fingers weaving each others. Like a safe net. Inseparable.

That feeling disappears over the phone.


Words... I wish to feel her again.
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Jan 10, 2013