I Dont Know What to Do

One day in March I was in a yahoo chat room and everyone kept clicking my name and sending private messages most of the people who were talking to me were perverts and some where nice.. then this guy started talking to me he was very nice to me so i decided to add him as a friend when ever he was online we would talk. It's been 6 months and I'm in love with him. It may pathetic since I have never met him in person before but its true, he is always on my mind and everything. He lives in Texas and I live in Canada and I really want to be with him, but whats the point of dating someone who lives far away? I mean.. I've did long distance relationships before.. but i don't know what to do.. I've never felt this way about anyone before...


teannafarmer teannafarmer
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2008

Teanna, it's very common for people who meet online to feel the way you do. After all, they get to see the very best that person offers while their minds fill in all of the other things they don't know about them until they've engineered their "perfect" match - their soulmate. It looks like the only thing you can do is go visit him or have him fly out to meet you. It's the only way to learn if what you're feeling is the start of a new chapter in your life or if it's simply an infatuation.