So Far Away!

I love someone who lives in another country. The only one that makes me feel like I am worth anything. The only one that loves me no matter what. I think about him all day. All night. Every minute. I havent even met him yet. I just.. feel like I've known him for my whole life.
I wish I could move there without worries and be with him. He wishes he could move here.. I'm so confused.
Its that kind of longing that I hate. I want to just hold him in my arms for the entire night.. ARGH it's driving me insane!

Does long-distance REALLY have a chance? Becos I always doubted it, but when you feel like this, you cant help but wonder...

Thinking of you my one-and-only.

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i no exactly how you are feeling i met a boy when i was on my holidays and everything you have just said explains everything, he wanted me to move there, and he wanted to visit and it not long before we meet up again if you truly love them what will be will be just have hope, and if yous are staying in contact and he stills shows interest then i believe yes it can work as long as you are both willing to put in the effort

I met this guy over the summer, and I knew that he lived in Israel (and I live in Maryland) but we fell in love anyways. Now he's back in Israel, and he'll return in 7 months... But I have low self esteem. He says he loves me, but I don't know. I think he deserves someone better. But I love him and miss him all day, everyday. How do I make this pain go away?

I so relate to this..I met this man online in 2006 and loved him to bits before ever meeting, I just came back from Brisbane, where he lives..the worl is our oyster and who knows what life has in store for us.
I wish you all your heart desires.

the one man I truly love lives 4 hours away from me in another country. about 1,500 miles. I met his mom back in july and he and I met online through her. we have been talking almost everyday since then. I was going to go see him in the beginning of the month but my mom refused to let me go. he wants me to move there when I am done college in 2 years. I want to. I love him so much and he is the same with me. I have never felt like this before. I'm not going to give up on this. I think it can work.

Me too! Me and my bf are 11 hours apart and that sucks! :/

Wow theirs couples who are so far away like days away and I'm just 6 hours away from him;/

My bf also lives very far away from me:( about 10.120km. We are keep contact everyday. Sometimes I feel worried...He is always in my mind <3 <3

I'm in love with a boy from Norway! He lives in Virginia, though, while I'm here in California :/ He says he loves me, and we talk about our future together and all that lovey dovey stuff :) Sometimes we argue, or come to disagreements, but we quickly resolve the problems and learn from them. I think it makes our bond stronger... He's going to come visit San Francisco in about 3 weeks and I hope we can meet for the first time there! :) I think long distance will work as long as you're both committed and never give up hope!

its the same situation here,ive known her for few months and shes perfect for me,but shes slightly older and lives far away and i dont think she even loves me....shes the only one that cares about me and sometimes i think of suicide but shes the only reason im living ...

Stefan first and foremost...please don't hurt are in this world for a may not be apparent to you yet, but you do have a purpose...
Secondly..does this woman know how you feel? Maybe you need to talk to her.....she could feel the same way about you...

hi unexpected! <br />
you posted this 5 years ago. do u still feel the same way?

Actually hearing such things makes me happy for real,cuz i have the same experience as you,i'm in love with someone who lives far away than me,but still he is the one for me.We talk daily we share eveything,he is the one i was looking for time ago.Now that i'm with him i feel completed.He gives a lovely flavour to my love i don't know how i could have stand life without him in the previous time,now all what i know is that i'm with him,and all what i want is to spend the rest of my life with him,only him....wish i could tell the whole world that i'm in love,right away is hard to reach that level,but i'll able to shout in front of eveybody and say "look at me i'm in love with my man!!!".best of luck for u guys ;)

I love someone too, that's far away but he said he's coming next summer, and we have the future all planned out and everything so...i'm good, good luck to you!

It sucks to love and not be able to see each other ;(<br />
but those kinda relashinships are the strongest ;):)<br />
good luck!

Your situation is just like mine. I love that dude, i don't know why and he lives faraway. He's in NY, and I'm in Philippines. :( He doesn't know that i have feelings for him, and I am afraid to tell him, for he might not talk to me and will say that I am like a sister to him. Being rejected especially when you are a girl ******* hurts. He's the man I wanted to be with, he like stuffs that I love. My dream is to be a ******* drummer and he is a drummer. I wish I could be with him and tell my feelings for him.

The same thing has happened to me.I live in Florida,he lives in England.He is wonderful,understanding,funny,intelligent,and I connect with him on so many levels.We chat everyday,except sometimes when he is really busy with work or family obligations..and when I can't talk to him I feel like I am partly dying inside.The connection is that strong,and the feelings for him only continue to grow.I don't have the money to go out there,so I am frantically trying to come up with a plan so I can get out there someday.He is saving money from his job to help me get out there too.Cherish this,and when you feel alone and sad,talk to people that can talk to me if you want to,I know all of those feelings all too well.

shes in chicago, i am dubai. i am LOST. how about u guys, did u meet up? jus tell me life can sometimes be a fairytale also!!!

U R so lucky...I love someone who lives far far away and he NEVER even thinks about me...and I think he doesn't know my name...and my heart is waiting for nothing (It started 2 years ago and I think it would never stop) love has no future<br />
...and you know...It really hurts...<br />
I Wish you 2 be together forever...:)

I love a girl in michagan while in i london i havent even seen her just heard her and she so perfect and even if shes ugly fat and messed i feel i still love her is that weird?

i love this girl also im in new York and she's in toronto : im not gonna give up trying to be with her i love her alot. It'll work out if u dont give up and go for what u want :]

its the same to me... i really love this girl but i cant reach her :( it drives me crazy.. and i dont know what to do about it..

aww im sure it can work out if you both are really comitted to oneanother..good luck!