I Was & I Am Hurt.

It all started in September 2008, i went to my neighbors to hang, but well i found this adorable gorgous guy there and i knew he was around my age. i just stared at him for a while while i hung with my neighbors, we went swimming and i kinda showed off to him while i was swimming. i couldn't help it, he was just so adorable :). anyways, i finish swimming and so my neighbors leave and its just me and him. we start talking, i discover he lives all the way in North Carolina while im stuck in Wisconsin. I knew nothing could possibly happen, but i was wrong. I discovered he came here to see his family who would be my neighbors and well be here for two days. he was a senior and the age of 17 or 18. im 16 so its not a big difference. i loved his curly brown hair. So i asked him after a while if he wanted to walk around and he's like sure. i wanted to get out of my swimsuit so i said hey lets go to my house and ill get changed because it was like 9 at night and it was pretty cold here in wisconsin. anyways, i tell him to wait in the ditch because i didnt want him to be questioned by my parents. i changed and walked by him. He told me he had sit on dog poop and well he needs to wash it off and thats what we had to do. i sat waiting on the couch at my neighbors house once again, for him. He then comes and sits right by me. He then asks me to walk around again. I of course agree. We walk around the block a few times and well i want him to make a move but he never does. We end up by the forest in the neighborhood, and he wants to go explore. I said "I was scared" and he's like don't be and we start holding hands. I'm just like taken from there. We never really got into the forest :(. so all we did was walk around but our hands were still locked into eachother. We go down this one street that i never will forget in my life time. We go around a circle and were still talking. He says he really cares about me and really really likes me. He doesn't want to loose me. He finally says to me "Wanna make out" in a serious voice while looking away. And im stunned, because i didnt no if he was kidding or not. He wasn't. I of course say "sure, let's do it". so we sit down in the grass. And he's looking at me and im looking at him and well we start kissing. He was the most amazing kisser! His lips and tounge were perfect! This lasted till 10:30. we then both got calls from our parents asking where we were and we both lyed saying we were somewhere we weren't. So we couldn't hang out anymore and well i had to go. :(. We start walking towards my house and im just so depressed because i really didnt want this night to end but of course it had too. We made our last long kiss and well he was off. I haven't seen him since that night. I talk to him over facebook and texting at times. I just wish me and him were still as close as we were. Yeah, i know i knew him for a few hours and made out with him but if you were me.I bet you do the same thing. Thanks for reading my story. I just always have this guy on my mind and well I need to let my feelings out some how.

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Ya ya, but make sure it's worth it, make sure he answered to your love! Time will tell :) I met my bf in the train in Italy and at first I jut couldnt recall his face.. then we started to communicate via email, and slowly move to skype... and few month's later I flew to Italy to meet him for real! Well, of course I was damn broke right after (but I've got a work so I can recover it). So for you gal, save the $$, buy the tickets and meet up, else, shared the cost! All the best ...

Well I'd say what are you waiting for? Go to him! :) Whether you steal the money and buy a ticket to go to him or ask your parents to go over the summer, a guy that great shouldn't be left hanging. I myself am planning a trip to visit my girlfriend next year, and I haven't even met her in person yet! So don't wait for him to meet someone else...if he loves you that much and you love him that much...run, don't walk :)

That's a very sweet story, I'm sorry that you can't be with him because he sounds very nice. Maybe in a couple years you can meet back up. Maybe he'll come back to visit again.