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My girlfriend lives in California and I live in Florida.  I met her online about a year ago and we became fast friends.  We talked online for a while and then decided to go to film camp together over the summer.  Somehow we ended up being roommates, though we didn't plan it, and things sort of took off from there.  About a week and a half into the program we were playing truth or dare with my friend from home over the phone.  He dared us to make out and we agreed.  We went into my room (it was a suite) and didn't come out to morning.  We spent the whole night talking, rolling around, and basically joking around.  That was when our relationship really started but it was awkward for a while because she didn't know what she wanted.  We're happily together now, but she lives so far away that it's really hard.  She also has a lot of school work and is hardly ever able to talk to me...it's kind of upsetting, but I've accepted it, I know it's not her fault.  I'm seeing her in less than a month, and I'm really excited! She's coming to visit me for 2 weeks over our schools' winter breaks.
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Same kinda thing for me, he's in michigan and I'm in Ontario ):<br />
I wish you the best(:

I'm in the same boat as you are right now, I live in Michigan & she lives in California

I've met someone so far away also over playstation network lol... He's older then I but we are exactly alike. I want to date but I'm scared he won't want anything to do with it

go for it, you will never know until you try

im in the same relationship too..and im happy you guys are happy :)