this girl is just incredible
so beautiful and fun and sweet

the only person who cares enough to talk

sweet and has the most genuinely beautiful and amazing smile ever

and this is why she wont ever be mine
she deserves perfection
not whatever the hell I am
thatbrokeguy thatbrokeguy
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i asked her to hang out...just you know talk and stuff

she has not seen this story

she deserves the best
i know im harsh on me... part of the reason I haven't told her

What if to her you are "the best"? Or if she ends up thinking of you as "the best" Did you ever wonder that?

no, i never have...

Then start.

thats unbelievably hard for me...

You have to try or yet again, you'll never know...

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Nobody is perfect, not even her... People may see others as "perfect", but in reality no one is. Every one has their faults and imperfections. Maybe you should confess to her or you will never know how she feels about you.

i asked her to a movie

And what happened??

she ended up being to busy

Then ask again.

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