My Dear Friend Is A Compulsive Hoarder.

I have a friend whom I've known over 40 years who is a hoarder. It becomes increasingly worse as she ages. She lives in filth and garbage and surrounds herself with pets that she doesn't take proper care of.

About 5 years ago she lost her animals after the Humane Society became involved. Her property was condemned due to the neglect and filth. Since then she moved in to another house she owns, having never cleaned up the first residence. The 2nd residence has become a health concern and once again her animals are being neglected. She has lost most of her family & friends due to the hoarding & OCD.

She is in denial, is not healthy, has little money because of excessive buying. I think its time for an intervention. Because she lives in a small town in Ontario, there seem to be few resources for her. Any help woul be greatly appreciated as this is becomig a crisis situation.


used2b1 used2b1
51-55, F
Feb 19, 2010