Help Me Understand Diabetes More Please!

The guy I have been with for 4 1/2 years has diabetes and found out he did about two years ago. At first it was more controlled but now it's out of control. He is now on insulin and other mess but its not working yet and he just went to the doc. Tonight he spiked at 500 and they put him on an Iiv and it did go down to 330 which is better but not good.

Lately we have been fighting a lot and i know it makes it hard on him and stress is a big contributor to his levels. I have read up on diabetes a little bit and come to find out super levels affect the mood a lot and I can tell when he's not feeling good.

I just want to understand it better, I want to know how u support him as much as you can and what I can do to help. It does affect our relationship because I get mad at him for stupid things and then we end up fighting because of it and it only gets worse when his sugars are really high which I'm understanding a lot more now

His sugars run between 300-400 but has recently been put of diff meds and insulin and has another app early next month to evaluate it they are out of control and I do worry

Anyone else going thro this??
Nicoleh7213 Nicoleh7213
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013