Dancing And Loving

When I hear the first few notes of this song it makes me feel happy and by the time he is singing the last ones I feel warm all over and happily loved. I can feel the warmth and love as I dance around the room with my eyes closed just listening to this song. 

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I had to join this group "I Get Stupid After Too Much Ep because I do feel like that too. Do you know that Neve's b-day is today. I'm celebrate her b-day by watching movie :Three To Tango. Matthew Perry co-star with her. They made a great on screen couple. In real life the tabloid was spreading rumors that Matt and Neve were dating because they were spotted hang out after or during filming Three To Tango in Toronto. I read an article about it too in Sun too. I saw a picture. They were not kissing and they were just laughing and hang out. SM is shaking her head at those tabloid people. That was in 1999.


I like it too

That is so true harry.<br />
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Sm I know that feeling.

Of course a new friends stories too. Man. I need to rest my brain.

You are welcome. <br />
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I'm stalking you and my own stories. HAHAHAHA...


I'm not a fan of Rod Stewart but this song has a nice beat to it.