Music I Can Relate Too

I can relate to so many songs from the eighties. Like my motto no music no life. Without music what would life be like. I don't even want to know. Those songs for the past have so much meaning to my life and helped me through out the years. The music these days heck I can't understand half the lyrics to them and the one I do are not the type I want to hear. Give me the eighties any time and I'll be happy with my life with good music to listen too. Like the song says All I Need is some good music.

Someonecaresforu Someonecaresforu
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2011

I like all sort of music. Except the too noisy one's.<br />
80's are often nice. Sure better than some we can hear today !<br />
Nice post :)


Good ole 80's great songs one can enjoy listening to.