I Love The 80s! Lol Music Was A Big Part Of My Childhood During The 80s...

Music was such an important part of my life during the 80s, so that's why I am the grandmaster champion of
80s Trivial Pursuit on this topic! lol No matter how obscure the one-hit-wonder on the pop charts during that
decade, I bet I could either name the artist(s) or at least rattle off some trivia about them.
Think you can stump me? Go for it! ;)

Now that the 90s are over a decade ago, will they still have the same nostalgic love that the 80s
have in music (and so much more in pop culture)? I doubt it.
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

You should play SongPop if you haven't already. I love the 80's too and I rock on SongPop, in that category....yes, it is funny.....And not too bad on the One Hit Wonders.....
Sadly quite a bit of those 80's songs are actually on classic rocks....

I love those too. We have a local station here that plays only 70's and 80's rock. I learned to walk be'bopping to "Elvira!" lol.