That's how I enjoy love these days. At least, the romantic type of love, anyway. Music is it.. and while browsing through youtube videos, I happened to stumble upon this one and it immediately stole my heart.

It reminds me of lovers I've known or read about in stories. It isn't something that I have or can relate to right now, but with God as my witness, it is certainly something I hope to relate to someday in the future.

These lyrics just melt my heart.

"Take my hand
I'll teach you to do dance
I'll spin you around
Won't let you fall down

Would you let me lead?
You could step on my feet
Give it a try
It'll be alright..

The room's hush-hush and now's our moment
Take it in, feel it all and hold it
Eyes on you
Eyes on me
We're doin this right.."

Intelligently Intelligently
31-35, F
Apr 8, 2012