Music For The Soul

I think all of us can say that music can be very influential, it inspires and moves us to a place unreal. Well I know for me some music brings me peace. And I know a few people who think just cause they are singing a song off the radio in the shower , they think they can sing, lol. That's what I'm talking about, whether its soul music or club music, it takes you to a different place while you listen to it, nothing else matters til the song is over. There is always a song out there for everyone! Say for example, your boyfriend just broke up with you, guaranteed there is a song about what your going through, whether it's slow songs , rap, country, whatever it's a song out there for you. So keep listening to music, explore different kinds, cause all music is an expression of feelings of some sort that talented artist want to share ..... with out music life would be dull, right, lol!
rd2btrme rd2btrme
26-30, F
Sep 5, 2012