Human Christina perri awesome song
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Currently listening to MOBcene by Marilyn Manson :D

These people are trying to ban any and all post they don't like, while ironically claiming freedom of speech. I'm not going to allow ot

Yah nig.

No offense but are you retarded?

Ah, no. But it takes one to know one, I think you made a misjudgment, "no offense" your funny.

Are you?

And isn't retarded an offensive liberal word? Only when thrown against the opposition

Uhh wow yeah just wow good day to u

Not you dear :) and jake im just asking because saying(( ya nig )) makes me want to hate on you as i feel that statement in itself is just plain racial, and retarded rather then post on someones post with that try actually sticking to the post....

Read my comment. Nice profile, go be horny somewhere else. Thirsty little hoodrat.

Wasnt even racist LMAO.

Lmao awww u actually read my profile<3 stalker im done replying to you now your to childish to speak with try speaking like a normal person instead of a ghetto ***** i bet your white to lmao

> calls me racist

> says bet your white 2, (I am) look at your profile what r u LOL?

I clicked it and scrolled down (calls it stalker) lmaooo. Horny little ghetto hoodrat. Normal person? Your a thirsty annoyance LOL!

Im horny yeah who gives a ****????

And what does me being horny have to ******* do with any other posts im on huh mind your own business **** what does our profiles have to do with you saying nig????

Is at any of your business what I reply you horny hypcritcal hoodrat? > says mind your own business

> Trys to call me out

> gets put in his place resorts to stupidity

U make no sense anymore so yeah good bye actually having a laugh over you :)

Bye ignorant hypocritical hoodrat. Laughing at yourself? Haha you funny, goodluck with your ladies you little pervert.

The thread is about songs. You come in calling people retard and other things, and I've read a thread by people like you trying to ban posters. Leave these people alone.

Ur posting at the wrong person check the time stamps.... I posted about a song list HE came in saying Ya nig THATS NOT A SONG check your facts bud


Lmao thanks for all the hearts! :)

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Would be me i suppose