Lady Antebellums Song.... I Need You Now

Okay so for the last few weeks this song seems to resemble my life. I was engaged a few years back to a guy I had been seeing for 3 years. When we spit it didn't end very well, but eventually we became friends again and over the last few weeks it seems like whenever one of us is drunk we call each other and end up talking about how things ended and maybe they shouldn't have. I know its because we are drunk and miss the connection that we had, but I swear when I hear this song I can see my own life version of the music video playing in my head staring me and my ex. it makes my friends laugh, but Im not sure how it makes me feel kind of funny how things work out I guess.

GreenEyedGrl GreenEyedGrl
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

i love the song too, don't really picturize my love life while i am tuned in to it, but yes a feeling of immense love does rush into my heart for my bf... thanx for reminding me of it again

I guess so, I know we will never get back together but at random moments things just pop into my head like what if... I can say I'm glad we are not together anymore though, things could get really heated in that relationship and it wasn't healthy for either one of us.

having mixed feelings is the most normal thing you could have...if you didn't have mixed feelings that would almost be abnormal...