I Need You To Love Me...

I found myself singing this song as I rocked my niece to sleep earlier tonight. I have caught myself singing it in the shower, in the car, and even tonight as I am sitting here typing this I am singing the song again. This song has brought me to tears once again tonight. The title Leather and Lace says it all. His love is like leather, thick and tough, masculine - like my man (hard muscles, hard c*ck mmmm). Her love is like lace, soft and delicate, feminine - like me (soft skin, soft voice, soft disposition and again, soft  and  inviting. lol). Give to me your leather. Take from me my lace"

I think though that even a strong man has his vulnerability and it is best when he has a woman that knows this.  He does and he is admitting to her he is not always the man of steel. He shows his sensitivity and lack of confidence ("Sometimes I'm a strong man, Sometimes cold and scared, And sometimes I cry") but knows that her love can help him get by. Whereas she seems to be of very strong character, and says so herself (I have my own life, and I am stronger Than you know"). She seems to appreciate his sensitive and fragile nature because he only admits that side to her but also recognizes his strength and submits to him out of love not power.  It completely explains the feelings I have in my heart.  This is my theme song of the perfect man.

They're not in love yet, but she can tell with an almost visionary sense that they will be shortly - and may be forever.

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great song

Thanks guys

I like Marilyn manson lamb of god song. Means a lot to me.