Sonic Is Cool

I have played some of the games but what I like is the comics and the shows. I enjoy the story of the Freedom Fighters facing of against Dr. Robotnik and the goofy adventures that entails. Sonic is cool but my favoite character is Tails unless this is Sonic Underground where my favorite is Manic. I'm kicking myself for letting my comic subscription die out but at least I have a pretty good collection already.
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

You should resubscribe! There newer issues are the best! Also, read Sonic universe. They're online now too. I'm thinking I should start scanning my issues and uploading them somewhere since they seem to be hard to find. there's a website with almost all the comics I could send you to. I just recently downloaded the Knuckles series and the super specials. I can't wait any longer for Archie to put them out in archive format.<br />
Sonic is absolutly my favourite, seconded by Princess Sally. I have every issue of the Archie series from 30 up, except for 2 (grr). If you ever want to talk Sonic send me a message<br />
Stay cool, way past!