Who's Your Favourite?

I'm curious, which character do you guys like best?

I like Kidd, we have the same need to make things symmetrical. I love how he's so unsymmetrical, too.

And do we all agree that Excalibur needs to stop with the "FOOLS!" all the time?
TrafalgarLaw TrafalgarLaw
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I like Maka and Death the Kid.

my favorite characters hands down
Lead: BlackStar
Weapon: Tsubake
Villanish person: Mifune

and Excalibur should be locked away in a box under a mountain lol

i like Crona.....

I like him, too! Honestly, I like all of the characters. Crona just seems so cute :3

he just seems like an innocent child

Death the Kid, Excalibur, Black Star, Stein, Lord Death, and Justn Law!

Stein is insane! I love him, too! :)

Love Kid with all my heart !!!!!!!!!!!and yes Excalibur is really annoying and especially with FOOL!!! and that stupid song he sings

I also Love Death the Kid and it is very funny (and ironic) that he is so obsessed with symmetry yet he himself is asymmetrical. I was extremely shocked (and convinced that the world was about to end) when he willingly made himself asymmetrical by putting only one armband on.
and I have to agree with Excalibur as well, he is funny but he says 'Fools!' too much