House Of Blues

The local House of Blues where I live often has soul line dancing. My friend Sue and I have gone. Its so much fun. We love to get into the dance and move right along. I don't know any of the line dance names, but after watching once or twice I get it. I especially love when they play older know stuff from Teddy Pendergrass or the Ojays. Even though I grew up on an island in New Jersey, its hard to shake my Philadelphia Germantown roots. I am so thankful for where I was born and how I grew up.
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

No worries..surprisingly there are not too many Parrot-heads either. Apparently many of us are stuck with our heads buried in our laptops and not out drinking and doing the rumba (a la Margaritaville) or doing the electric slide. We have to change that!

Yayyyy!! Finally! Another line dancer! I'd really have thought there'd be more fans of the "Electric Slide" on EP. Ah well . . . they will come. :-) Glad you're here to hang out!