My Definition Of A Soulgasm

It was sweet summer, late August. On a lonely beach in western Crete. The sea was wine colored, the sunset having just faded away in the misty horizon. A strong breeze skimming the surface of the sea, surf droplets in the air, refreshingly felt on my salty, sun-bathed skin. The wind picking up as dusk settled in, the surf turning into rolling waves, crashing on the pebbly beach, pulling small pebbles and sea weed pieces back, then tossing them forward. The smell of fresh sea and iodine in the air, the taste of salt on my tongue, the feel of wind through my crisp curls, against my skin, my body barely offering resistance to it, nearly drifting away like a feather. A small outcrop of rocks, a protective cradle in which we lie hidden from view, motionless, gazing at each other, taking in this intense feeling of oneness. Our bodies move together. Nearer and nearer, until it really begins. Seemingly never ends. It has never ended for me, a moment frozen in time, replayed, re-felt, faithfully, at will.

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Feb 13, 2010