The Dreadful Discovery

I have soup for lunch almost every day - I love it that much. 

Much to my horror, as I went to heat up my soup in the kitchen here at work, I noticed I bought Ham Chowder during my hasty shopping trip on Monday. 

Ick!!  (insert gagging sound here)

The smell (aka "stench") hit my nose upon opening the can and now that it's heated, it's even worse. 

I picked out all the chuncks (again, an allusion to vomiting) of ham, but I'm afraid the flavor has permeated all the other soup elements.  That's exactly the problem with ham - it's so aggressive.  LOL!

Oh well, at least I have extra baby carrots and some Triscuit.

And to be honest, it could be worse - it could have had lima beans in it!

(I'm so gonna get it for that last comment.  :-P Mwahahaha!!)
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Ham? Clam? Close enough isn't it? I'm with you on the baby limas. I only like the grown up ones. Ham though. I like ham. Except with green eggs.

Gaaaaag!!!! Limas! ROFLMBO