Especially The Thick Ones

I do not enjoy the broth near so much as the stuff in the broth. The best are the really thick ones like bean soup, all varieties of bean soup, or pea soup or chili - that's a soup, isn't it?
The broth soups are OK like wonton soup but more wonton please
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My favorite soups

made miso tonight veggie style :)

lov a good dish of spilt pea!

hugs! make mine in a crock pot...yum

Crock pot = good. Make an extra big batch; take some through-out the day at it just keeps getting better.

I know, I know - the kind of soup a spoon won't fall over in! LOL


I thought I was last sole survivor of the pea soup fan club..glad to know I'm not. I also love bean soups's getting to be soup weather here

LOLO...I even wrote "lust" instead of "just"....... a nymphos sorta typo.....Sorry Sir......bows head and scampers off.... :)

Do you want me to spank you?

YESSSSSSS SIRRRR! Bottoms up just like the "good lil girl" she is!! ♥

You know the rules. Ha!

*scans the rule sheet* :D


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mmmmmm....thick awesome bean soup or a thick creamy beef'd love my chicken curry with a thick creamy curry sauce lust loaded with tender chicken and new potatoes, onions, green and red peppers served over a jasmine rice..... I am hungry......or how about an Italian bean and pasta combo.........mmmmmmm rich, thick and soooo good on a cold night...... I love wonton soup but I'm with you the hearty ones are the BEST!!

You got that right