Poor Kenny

He's died so many ways - run over by the schoolbus, killed by the rhythm monkey, shredded by a propeller, broke his skull opening the conch shell containing the trapped Moses, and crapped himself (to death) when the whole world did the same. I'm sure there are a lot more but these are fresh in my mind. Feel free to add some! ROFL.
Scorched during the premier episode
Update 12/28/2011; Kenny was killed by a mutant Stan clone. Next episode I saw [the explosive diarrhea one] Death himself killed Kenny after a chase.
 Update 1/5/2012: Kenny strangled by tetherball during the Barbara Steisand/Sidney Poitier Transformer episode.
"Pressed" by a falling gravestone after he fell into an open grave..
Crushed by a load of underpants stolen by gnomes.
Squashed by a conveyor belt viewing the 1996 Ice Man.
Update 2/1/12: Encased in Carbonite a la Star Wars by Jabba the Hutt Sally Struthers while on the way to planet Marklar, inhabited by Marklars having marklars which they used to marklar marklars.
Microwaved to death
Thrown through the ceiling while playing with Michael Jackson..
Burned up by a warning flare by National Guard trying to stop a Civil War reenactment.
Bloody insides explode from mouth after a tampon in the butt used to stop his "period".
Drowned while wearing cement shoes after Tooth Fairy Heist.
Shot in Romania by American rescue team.
Platypus Kenny shot at wrestling match by Jimbo.
Smashed in the head by Cartman trying to kill a Barbara Streisand roach hallucination while on Ritalin.
Exploded after following 60 antacid pills with a glass of water.
Crushed by Cartman's Trapper Keeper expanding as it absorbed and which was finally poisoned by eating Rosie O'Donnel.
ALMOST killed by a tour bus in the 2 part Satan + Saddam episode [cleverly avoiding the Q of would Kenny go to hell before being Baptized].
Feeding tube removed, causing death, so he could lead God's army using PlayStation against Satan's hordes
Marklared by Marklar with a marklar as he marklared on a marklar. (Just checking to see if you, Marklar, were really paying marklar, LOL).
Dragged to death on pavement by Timmy while on a leash.
Sacrificed to a statue - The Provider - by feral kindergarteners.
Incinerated in a vat of molten metal a la Terminator after falling from a marijuana smoking, talking towel.
Eaten by an eagle carrying him off from a gay Boy Scouts rally.
Slaughtered along with an Afghan Kenny during an Afghan raid to save Stevie Nix [mistaken for a goat].
Splattered by a serial motorcycle killer in the butt-face episode.
Riddled with Chinese Mob bullets during raid to save Sylvester Stallone's party singer.
Carried off into a crowd of Ginger Kids (presumed dead)
Cyber stabbed in World of Warcraft
UPDATE 5/16/2012:
Split open by rats escaping from his insides
Decapitated during football game.
Sniper shot by Mr. Hat AND impaled on flagpole
Zombie Kenny chainsawed in half
Pecked to death by mutant turkeys
Squashed by Christmas tree after 2 close calls in chicken plucker episode
Face-stabbed by Iraqi sword
Pelted into wall by Chinese Dodgeball during world playoff
Hit by a train [and taped for TV]
Self-electrocuted to stop South Park residents' cannibalism
Killed TWICE in Cartman's nightmare:
  1st being eaten by "a scary monster" that ripped the bus roof off
  2nd splattered by Fonzie on a motorcycle
  3rd NOT killed by Death [which actually he was]
  4th NOT shot by Mr. Hat [who DIDN'T kill Kathy Lee Alien Gifford]
Ripped in half on the Jesus and Pals Show
Blown up by fireworks - in the past & on present show
Trampled by exiting, panicked movie audience
Trampled by partying crowd in treehouse
Trampled by a succubus Chef almost married
Only SP child to succumb to Chicken Pox
Serial killed by an evil goldfish from a parallel universe
Gored by a rodeo bull ridden by Viet Namese prostitute Cartman
Mistaken for Charles Manson - killed in hail of police bullets
Executed by airport security for having nail clippers
Head sawed off at an Elton John concert
Electrocuted in Costa Rica by lightning - saved by love
Spontaneously combusted
Rolled over in snow by a bear
Paper airplaned to death while in a RoboCop Halloween costume
Decapitated in a dream by his new brother, then flattened for real by his father's ambulance. The birth of the new baby resulted in the 52nd time a new baby was named Kenny to replace a dead Kenny.
Flattened by a mall elevator while a Fingerbang Boy Band singer
Run over by car after making mouth-synch tape
Eaten by Hannibal-pony-in-traing [I blinked so it may have differed]
Head impaled on loose rail of Cartman's Amusement Park
Drowned in pee at Pi Pi's WaterPark
Over-hypnotized with Planetarium mind control machine
Shredded in Canada in Prime Minister [Saddam Hussein] Chamber
Shot by a dropped gun after twice surviving a ball of molten lava
FINALLY succumbed to terminal muscular disease in hospital because Cartman used stem cells he acquired to clone a building rather than help Kenny. The bastard.

See http://www.ask.com/wiki/Kenny_McCormick for a good discussion of these deaths.
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Holy cow..how'd you keep track of all these?

One or two at a time. As I watch the repeats I add another method. If He had 52 deaths it looks like I have a way to go. LOL

You must like this show! I used to watch it long ago..1998? Not into it now..Cartman is funny though..his "*****" song

u forgot the episode of sex addicts where he strangles himself with a belt while dressed like batman

Good one - I'm watching reruns to get them all!


for some reason, when they impaled him on the flag pole, it made me sick to my stomach...... never bothered me any other time, at least not physically like that..... poor Kenny<br />
<br />

A recent one had a Kenny fake killed instead of Kenny by the bus driver [fat camp episode], and another where he was killed on a ride in Cartman's private theme park ride.

died of chicken pocks, crushed by a stage light when cartman tried to kill gobbles the retarded turkey, spontaneously combusted, impaled, thrown against fences, burned, blown up <br />
haha i love it when they all stop caring and it becomes 'omg you killed kenny you bastards.. anyway guys'

I just saw the chicken pox one this week. Another was being filmed having a train run over him and yet another was being trampled.
Poor Kenny.