Scott Tenorman Must Die

greatest show ever hands down. my favorite episode has to be Scott Tenorman must die....cartman pays a kid for his pubic hairs. when he finds out they are worthless he tries to get his $$$ back. too bad for him, Scott is older and wittier...until cartman chops up scott's parents and bakes them in chili that scott Tenorman eats. the best part is when Cartman, seeing Scott crying starts to lick up his tears." oh the tears of unfathomable sadness oh yummie you guys" Cartman is ******* evil. Stan says "let's remember to never **** cartman off again" classic!!!

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I remember sitting there, absolutely stunned when it became clear just how Cartman was taking revenge....! Dude, WTH?! ;)

I shouldn't love this but it is hands down the greatest episode of South Park ever made. South Park is also my guilty secret...