Today Show Did A Segment Chilvary Is Dead - Not So Down South

The Today did a story about manners such as holding door open for a stranger , saying please, thank you, ect ect And sure enough the "yankees" failed terribly. Door after door being shut on someone, everybody being rude.

That study wouldn't fly down here in the dirty south - haha.  Us southerner's move at a slower pace then our yankee counterparts do, therefor we take the time to do hold a door for a stranger and pass along a kind word here and there.

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3 Responses Nov 26, 2010

When I used to work in tech support I noticed the following about customers from "the south":<br />
1) that the callers always called me sir,<br />
2) were always pleasant & respectful regardless of the problem they were having,<br />
3)were usually easier to trouble-shoot their problem because they weren't argumentive.

As a "yankee" living in the south.. I'm more than willing to wade in in this illusion about the benign gentleness of the south.. Bit I'll not rain on your parade unless asked to do so.. Bill in Va.

Thank you for this bout2break. It's true, there's nothing like Southern hospitality. We Southerners know what it's all about! :) I'm very proud to be a Southerner, born, raised and still live in the South.<br />
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