Deep Thoughts

i can't remember much about what i wanted to do as a child. but what i do remember is that i had a hunger for knowledge and wisdom. i didn't go to church all of my life but during the period that i did those two words stood out the most. slowly over time i grew to love philosophy. it was so interesting to me to ask questions that seemed to be the underbelly of life. questions that questioned the meaning of our existence or humans deepest drive, good or evil. unfortunately its not a hot topic. but i love it :) !

another thing i just figured out that is interesting is space. the first thing that captured me was the birth of the stars. it just so amazing how they are born. its so amazing that i can't even believe that they are born that way. i think that im going to focus on the constellations. i think both space and philosophy are entwined. i just wonder how im going to fit music into this whole equation.

well that's a little about me. hope you enjoyed it. bye.

spacemaiden spacemaiden
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2009