I Got a Spanking

My husband, after being told that I like to be spanked, started hesitantly experimenting with me. He still has not really gotten into it but there have been a few times when he just let go and gave me what I wanted.

We we're going to have sex but I knew I wasn't going to be able to get wet for him if we didn't try something new. Foreplay had become negligable, he always wanted to just jump right into sex without any thought for my comfort. So I dressed up in this cute little school girl outfit with no bra on and a pair of cute little white panties under my plaid skirt. I told him that I had been a naughty girl and needed to be punished. He was surprised but also turned on so he went with it. He made me bend over his knees, leaving my *** completley vulnerable. He held my arm behind my back so I couldn't block his hand and then he started slapping real slow. He started off gentle and hesitant and then started hitting me a little harder. I moaned a little and felt him getting hard under my stomach. He hit me a little harder and I moaned again for him, after that he got progesivley rougher until I was almost crying. Then of course, being uncomfortable with the thought of hurting me, he stopped. I was frustrated but at least I was wet. Sex was normal but the spanking stayed with me. I wish he would do it more often and I really wish he would give me a real discipline spanking. I have never had one and am very curious. I have no idea how to bring that up to him though. Any thoughts?

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Just ask for it. <br />
<br />
You are already there. So, just tell him that you feel like you are bad some times and he should help you become a better woman for him. The way you think is best to do that is to take over and spank you when you misbehave. <br />
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You have to explain the philosophy to him. Tell him feminism is B.S. and that you feel like he should be in charge. He will like it and want the authority but tell him with authority comes responsibility. He will need to keep you in line.

Hi Kitkat,<br />
You managed a lot already. That naughty schoolgirl setup is fine. Don't bend over his knees. Use something different so that there are no body contact between you. Then ask him to spank the bad schoolgirl. Tell him that he must ignore any sound you make. Get a safeword and tell him to stop when you say that word.<br />
Take it slow. I had to train my wife and now i am a happy spanked hubby.<br />
Good luck! Let me know.<br />