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You’re Getting A Spanking Missy!

I got my revenge didn't I missy? Want to try that bit of naughtiness again? Yeah I bet not lol. Yeah, especially since your little bottom belongs to me for the next month lol. What have I told you about that BIG mouth of yours? You know for just barely learning English, you sure know how to use it in the wrong ways lol.

Well just so you know.... I intend to see your very naughty little bottom everyday for the next week, and I suspect it is going to very RED every morning. And if that isn't clear enough, I am going to SPANK you SILLY! Is that crystal clear yet? Do I need to reiterate? How about this? You know her hairbrush? Well I have permission to touch it this month, and specifically use it on YOUR naughty bottom until you are very SORE!

And at the end of that week, I won't be done with you yet. Oh no. We will just be getting WARMED UP! But I think by then you are going to know just what it means to be humble. That is what your mistress wants to be taught, and I intend to teach it! Yes little girl, you are going to be chewing on a BIG piece of humble pie by the time we are done! You got me?!

Trust me little girl, by the time I hand you back over to her at the end of this month, your going to be so glad to get her cane! And I have no doubt the next time you are asked something, you are going to accept it happily and humbly.

If you think this little post is embarrassing, you ain't seen NOTHING! Because I have a BIG surprise for you at the end of this month! And just so you can have a little something to contemplate? You are going to be PUNISHED... Severely PUNISHED right in front of your mistress, and all of hers just for her pleasure (and MINE... Might as well be honest lol). That is the ONLY reason you aren't going to spend the entire month unable to sit. Sound like fun? Well if it does, just go ahead and pull this little stunt again and this will all seem like a vacation! Your *** is TOAST! Is that crystal clear enough for you?!

Now I suggest you apologize profusely to your mistress, and then to me as soon as you read this. And I don't want to hear anything else from your mouth unless it is a yes sir or no sir (or the other way you are allowed to address me) for the rest of this month. And you better thank your lucky stars I don't make you apologize to these people as well, because there are a few people here that could suggest some very harsh punishments for naughty little girls like you. And I suspect they would be happy to do so if I told them what you did. Do you want to find out? No? Then shut your naughty little mouth and take your punishment.

You see that picture in this post? That is going to be you! For the next month your *** is mine missy! And you will be SPANKED as soundly as your mistress has ever done it, I guarantee you that! You better hope Tina doesn't let me post a picture like that of you, because she is about mad enough to let me. Do you want all these people to see your CHERRY RED bottom lol? I think that is a great idea! I think I will ask her about that unless you can convince me otherwise lol. And I think I will find a site with a lot more visitors to post it as well. So as many people as possible see what happens to naughty girls who fib. Should I do that? No? Well you have the next month to convince me not to. Good luck!


P.S. Now I am off to post this on as many sites as I can think of where people will enjoy reading it lol. I am pretty sure you would do the same if the tables were turned, so it seems fair to me. Oh... BTW? I want you in the corner when I get home. Naked of course lol. I know how much you enjoy that, so I couldn't possibly deny you that. But I won't spank you then. No... I'll wait until in the morning to give you the spanking of your LIFE! You are going to be SPANKED SOUNDLY. And then you are going to realize how retarded this was and wish like hell you hadn't done it. But you will still have the rest of the month to endure what I give you. Was it worth it?
christian0539 christian0539 31-35, M 1 Response Sep 30, 2012

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Wow! It sounds like her mouth wrote a check her bottom will have a lot of trouble cashing. lol

It did! But I wasn't quite as hard on her as I made it sound here. The person she really had to worry about was her mistress! Yeah... I think she learned her lesson right away.