Actually, I love apple cider in all its forms; still, sparkling, or hard.  So much better than apple juice.

I like cider from the old stone presses in little towns around my grandmother's house.  I like it with aged cheddar cheese.  I like hard cider; plain, or with Guinness.

And sparkling cider was often the champagne substitute when I was growing up in a teetotalling household.

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it's bigger than a Tardis, but they have apple juice, rather than cider.

Ah! An airplane is a marvelous magical box, into which too many people are crammed and made to sit for hours while being fed peanuts. But at the end of the ordeal, when you get out of the box, you're in a new land...hopefully one with many different varieties of apple cider (He said, trying not to hijack the thread.)

?? And what is a remit? Personally, I prefer to fly in an airplane.

Bright and warm? Must have been a hot air balloon...

The Guinness floats on of many combinations sometimes known as a "black and tan".<br />
<br />
And just how would somebody from Ireland know about a hot summer day? You must have travelled.