Traveller Style!

I have always loved bling. I'm a Traveller girl, we all love bling! The blingier the better! It's all about which girls dress has the most Swarovski crystals and diamonds. My engagement ring is 2.5 carats and my wedding ring is equally sparkly, and everything I touch has to turn to bling! My phone, blinged. My wedding was super blinged. My 17th birthday was all bling, and it's got to be diamonds, right? Diamonds are a girls best friend!!

I'm shopping for my twins, a boy and a girl, and I'm getting as much bling as I can. It's Traveller style! I got bling on their wipes boxes, some of their pacis, bling bibs. Most of these are just keepsakes, of course. I've seen adorable little shoes covered in rhinestones. I even found a crystal car sticker that says Baby on board!
poppyjoy poppyjoy
22-25, F
May 21, 2013