All That Glitters...

I am a sparkly girl - I love shimmer, glitter, glitz and gleam!  I just think the world looks better with a little sheen and shine :D

I particularly like to make my body gleaming - sparkly eye makeup, shimmery body lotion, nail polish with subtle glitter, bronzer, shimmer hair mist...

I actually found in a draw yesterday 3 little jars filled with what appears to be shimmer powdery sparkly dust- one blue, one pink and one copper.  Its not makeup but it looks like makeup.  They have never been opened.  Some kind of craft thing but I have no idea what or how it should get used.  The each have a price sticker on them - and they were expensive too.

It seems I purchased them just to fuel my love for sparkly things!

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
Feb 12, 2009