My Pit Vida

well my pit tried to make friends  again with another dog and it didn't go well the dog tried to bite her,she stayed calm so did i but i was real pissed,but i didn't show it to the owner it was no one's fault,she just felt as if my pit was trespassing ,the pit felt my pit was trespassing in her  back hall,just like when my neighbors pit came down she went nuts but she was locked up so no one got hurt,my floor got pissed on thats all didn't even get mad or say anything to the lady until today when my pit VIDA tried to make friends with her!!!!!!!!! but what she got was a angry growl and almost biten for her efforts,sucks even for dogs when trying to make friends,never no what's going to happen.
marymarineau marymarineau
36-40, F
Jul 16, 2010