The Good Times

  There’s been a little talk about music and the effect on mood lately in a couple areas on here. Today as I dropped off my son,  I flipped around the channels and settled on a country station. I listen to all kinds of music, there was a time when I only listened to country and as I turned on the station I was instantly back at a very happy time of my life. It always makes me think of the good times we had at the lake when we owned a boat. My daughters were little and life was rosier.  I remember being a little stressed out. I would sometimes work a few nights in a row and come home finding our boat hooked up to our truck in the driveway. I would be exhausted but gained a bit of energy as I was excited to go on the trip to the lake and know the preparations I needed to complete before we left. I packed us all up as quickly as I could. I became quite efficient at this after a few trips( and missed items). Keep in mind I had worked a very hard 12 hours overnight but the thought of absolute relaxation kept me going a couple more hours.  I would pass out in the car and sleep that broken weird sleep you do when you travel. I was woken up often, the girls were both younger than 10 years old and we took the two dogs and until my husband got a feel for where we were going, I was expected to navigate too. So throw in a few arguments from the kids, missed turns, and a potty break or two I really didn't get quality sleep, but enough to give me energy to set up the tent. I got really really good at this. My favorite was at the campground at Arbuckle lake. It was clean, organized and we could find a spot close enough to the bank to tie the boat up. It was my favorite. I would drop the boat off at the ramp with my husband and then drive the kids and our stuff to our campground and set up the tent while he drove the boat in to the campsite.  We would boat around the lake and swim and tube until I was so exhausted and sun burned that I felt nauseated and I was emotional. We would then go back to camp while he fired up a grill and fed the kids something and I would crash until the next morning when we would have more fun on the lake again, country music as the background tunes to all of our fun.
   I remember those days so fondly. I wish I could go back there again. It was before so many things became complicated in life. I always tried to get ex to go on a boat trip just the two of us. I arranged for a getaway at a lake with a resort for our anniversary one year. I was always trying to get him to make love with me on the boat. Rarely however, could I get him to take out the boat without the kids. The anniversary trip I wanted to enjoy every hour of our resort and leisurely eat breakfast with the lake view and maybe make love one more time before check out. I wanted to take the boat out and hold each other just enjoying the view and have fun just the two of us. It didn't really work out the way I expected and we ended up going home early. It was disappointing.
Our last boat trip was when our son was 9 months old. He loved the lake. I was afraid he was going to drown and he worn the puffy orange life jacket until we were back safely in the car for the day.We would make the long drive for a 2 week vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas at least once a summer for many years and I knew we had to take him too. He loved it!. He got this crazy smile on his face when the wind hit him and the boat was going fast over the lake. It was sooo much fun. We sold the boat shortly after that trip. I can't remember why but we ended up buying a ****** car in preparation for my oldest daughter learning to drive. (i think she was 11 when we sold the boat...i don't know why honestly). Ex felt like we had to have another car. So our sweet little vacations were no more. 

   So as i'm listening to the music that reminds me of better times and the regret that follows, i change the channel before I am reduced to tears. It's easy enough to brush off. There's a song on called "no hands" by Waka Flocka Flame, not my usual choice but it got my mind out of the past. 

drop it to the flo.....i love the way yo booty go
hahaha tears here
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wow.... just wow...

I'm doing a lot of reminiscing lately. Those little girls are grown up now. My son is still cute and funny but he's kinda smelly.

sure marvelous children... happy mom :)