Game Won With 2 Deals Still Left? Locked Screen

This is my first post but I had to see if anyone else has managed the same result:
I've played way too many games of Spider Solitaire but I had an idea. I thought it would be possible to clear the cards from more than the 10 spaces before the final deal. I always thought it would happen on the final shuffle but somehow managed to do it on the second to last deal.
I played this particular game on a windows 7 version of Spider Solitaire with 2 suits. I managed to clear 6 suits ( 3 red and 3 black ) and only have 6 cards remaining in the 10 spaces. The game refuses to deal because there are empty spaces and I still have 2 more deals remaining. It's essentially locked up because I have no way to fill out the 4 remaining empty spaces with cards.
Has anyone ever managed to get this result?
bugkiller bugkiller
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

you have to undo until you have enough cards to pace at least one in each column before you can deal more cards