Spiders Are Beautiful

I have always loved spiders. Once I got sent to detention because my teacher was about to kill a spider, and I wouldn't let her. I caught it and carried it outside. I felt it was worth the punishment.

Jumping spiders are my favorites. I love to watch them hunting for flies on the windowpane. They are so alert. If you walk around a jumping spider on the sidewalk, they will turn around and watch you. I'm not used to having a small arthropod pay so much attention to me.

And I love the orb-web spiders, such magnificent artists. There was one who lived on my porch last summer. She would build her elaborate web during the night (complete with the zigzag in the middle) and then take the whole thing down in the morning.

I appreciate the efforts of the funnelweb spiders who live on the windows in my basement. They catch all the flies that get into my house.

My daughter has inherited my love for spiders. I discovered that she had a habit of rolling them over on their backs and giving them bellyrubs when she was a very little girl. I had to teach her to be a bit more cautious with her spider friends.
Aeolosoma Aeolosoma
56-60, F
Feb 22, 2008