Zammilooni - A Tribute To The Prophet Muhammad's Wife

                  This song by Native Deen stirs so much emotion in me that my heart feels so tender, and warm tears flow down my cheeks when I hear it.  Zammilooni is an Arabic command word for "wrap me up".   It's what the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) requested from his wife, when the archangel Gabriel first appeared to him, squeezed him hard and instructed him to utter the Revelation.  He didn't believe what he just experienced.

When the Prophet Muhammad went home, he sought comfort from a woman - it was Khadijah his first and only wife during the early period of Islam.  She remained his only wife until her death.  He was extremely saddened by her departure - yet of course his patience in enduring difficulties and challenges are beyond what any of us can ever imagine. 

               This song really captures, I think, the kind of love, friendship and nurturing that Khadijah gave the Prophet Muhammad.  In fact, Khadijah is the only woman that stayed so long in his life  - for he was orphaned at birth, and lost his mother not long after that, followed by his other caretakers in succession.  It was Khadijah that stood by him and supported him during this confusing time.  The Prophet did not rejoice in receiving the Revelation for the first time - he thought he might have lost his mind.  But Khadijah did not doubt for a second that he deserves this Prophethood. 

                God says in the Qur'an, "Nun. By the pen and by what (the scribers) write.  You (Muhammad) by the grace of your Lord are not mad.  And verily for you will be an endless reward.  And verily you are on an exalted character.  You will see and they will see. (Qur'an:68:1-5)

              The chorus goes "Zammilooni, Dassirooni...a mighty task was sent before me and I need you here with me, by my side..."

I need to cry right now.....

(The words Zammilooni and Dassirooni can be found in another grammatical form in the Chapters Al-Muzammil, and Al-Mudaththir (Mudassir)  of the Qur'an)

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Mar 1, 2010