I'm remembering that children in this world are very precious. They're little beings that are being who they are. It is us parents, society who are controling our kids to be who we want them to be not who they truly are. Think about it: everything in life we have so called learned we downloaded from our parents, church, peers, media..etc. Now I feel that we as parents ought to allow our kids to be free..allow them to express themselves as long as there is no harm being done. If they want to cut their hair, wear hot pink shoes, to being silly allow them to. This allows them to experience who they are or not. Let your children know that they can make Many choices inlife, choose what choices surves who you are. This alows them to make a choice on who they really are even if it's a choice that wasn't the highest one. We don't want to scare our children with so called good or bad consequences cause then they would only make a choice based on that not who they really are or not. Self awareness classes would be so positive in schools cause our children can learn about being aware having self awareness. Experience that life is about self first: how self is being, doing, talking, how happiness comes from within.. Along with many other things in life.
Let's stoped being brainwashed and robots in our society. Let's keep our children aware.
Kigreeneyes Kigreeneyes
Aug 10, 2010