Project Spirituality

I feel like I'm taking a risk, posting this here, because it might seem juvenile or naive. I wrote it a couple years ago, as one of my many projects that I invent for myself. I figure here is as good a place as any. Critique is always appreciated, as it's an ongoing project! :)

Project Spirituality

1. Keep an open mind. Being open to different ideas, opinions, thoughts, and even conflicting belief systems. It’s good to have liberty to float from one stance to another, to take advantage of the strengths of different stances instead of being tied down to a limited doctrine.
2. Everything and everyone contains both yin and yang; pay special attention to embrace the sacred despite the balance.
3. Everything is sacred; everything has a level of meaning and a place within my spirituality. Nothing is outside the realm of the sacred, and spirituality is not a separate force even if we don’t always think about it.
4. I will keep an open heart. This means, opening my heart to others and not withdrawing. Going the extra effort to embrace all other people and see them for who they are – sacred beings with hopes, dreams, desires, needs, etc.
5. Every other person is just as vulnerable and human as you are. They need nurturing, guidance and comfort at least as much as you do.
6. All humans are sacred and interconnected; relationships and interactions ought to reflect that.
7. The body is sacred and ought to be respected and treated as such.
8. It is a sin to treat the Self with anything less than dignity and respect.
9. The Earth is our mother, and we ought to always consider the Earth, the environment, nature, and natural processes with reverence.
10. Personal growth is to be an ongoing process with much focus throughout the lifetime. Growth is the single most important focus in an individual’s life.
11. Always seek and acknowledge truths.
12. Learn.
13. Don’t become too attached to possessions or material things.
14. Another person’s sin does not excuse your own. Be accountable and own yourself, your decisions, your words, and your actions.
15. Always choose the most honourable course, and behave in the most honourable ways.
16. If you have a problem, fix it.
17. No one is coming to save you.
18. Fear not.
19. Believe in yourself. You must always, always believe in yourself, no matter what logic, emotions, people, or situations run against you. Believe in yourself.
20. You deserve. You are deserving. You are valuable, and you are worthy, no matter what.
21. Completely accept and own your designated role; allow no other to designate your role for you.

[later addition]
22. Regular durations of uninterrupted solitude are absolutely necessary to soulcaring (caring for one's soul).
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very nice i like it especially number 1 not being tied down to a limited doctrine ! you are on the soul train my friend lol

You're doing great! Keep up the good work. There is much wisdom here.

Im so glad I took a minute to stop and read this, I need to do so often! Thanks for posting this, its nice to see encouraging, uplifting posts!

Unbelievably wonderful!

I accept the fact that your opinion differs from mine, and i respect that. <br />
<br />
13 my weed<br />
<br />
18 physical pain is temporary. And yes, I do believe god put me here as his personal torture thing, just for the hell of it.

20) Kiddo, this entire project was written for my eyes only, originally.... everything here was written to myself alone. And ok, I won't tell you you're worthy, valuable and beautiful right now if you don't want to hear it. My lips are sealed with a zipper and I hid the key.

Great. Thank you

1 I love that<br />
2 I can respect that<br />
3 a view much different from my own, however I accept it<br />
4 that's a good way to get yourself hurt. I couldn't do it. <br />
5 that's true, everyone does have a weakness. I choose to exploit it instead of what you do. But that's just my selfish me.<br />
6 I'm a misanthrope. I completely disagree. But it's one of your quirks, so I accept it<br />
7 again, I disagree. I see the body as a conduit. Depending on the energy being put out, the body will catch it like a lightning rod. And if the energy is just right, it can destroy the body. I have found out. <br />
8 I am the embodiment of sin<br />
9 this I agree with 100% I love the earth. I just hate one of its inhabitants<br />
10 if you don't grow, you don't evolve. If you don't evolve, you die. <br />
11 nothing is true. Everything is permitted<br />
12 every day. <br />
13 can't help it. When a certain ob<x>ject saved your sanity and possibly your life more than tend to get attached to it<br />
14 more or less. Vengeance adds a twist to it<br />
15 not always possible. sometimes honor will get you killed. Honor hinders survival, sometimes<br />
16 what if the problem is to great to handle on your own?<br />
17 I learned this while I was still in diapers<br />
18 depends on what. I'm not scared of anyone outside my friends. If it can bleed it can be killed. I don't fear death, but what's in death to fear?<br />
19 there's nothing to believe in<br />
20 lies, all lies. Even if you do not intend them. The only thing I deserve is a bullet in the brain. Your not going to tell a masochist he is worth something. Just a word of warning<br />
21 already have. I am to fight and die. That is my purpose

Thank you for your detailed response, very interesting.
18) Of course there's something in death to fear: What if the Incredibly All Loving God thinks you should be eternally excuciatingly tormented in everlasting fire?

Your welcome

Beautiful, wise, an excellent code for life, not a bit naive.<br />
Should be printed and pinned on noticeboards where-when ever people have leisure to read.<br />
I know, what ever trails life brings, you will be successful and discover the art of happiness and contentment, and probably benefit many others in the process.<br />
I rejoice that you exist

Thank you! what a delightful compliment;)

Very nice indeed ...

That is very contemplative, discerning, and emotionally mature. From you I would have expected no less.

Thank you! Glad someone likes it :)