The Beyond

As each day passes, I am recognizing a need to let go and trust in THE BEYOND.

What is the beyond? I don't know. It is simply beyond me. Parallel worlds and alternate realities, different dimensions beyond the range of my unevolved senses.

Even as a rational man, I must accept that there is too much I don't understand about reality and the universe to place scientific restrictions on it.

So what is spirituality but a way of saying ``Yes, I acknowledge that I do not know all.``

I do not have to turn my back on science, which is a tool that helps me with the mundane commonalities of the Earth realm.

Spirituality is my tool for investigating the beyond.

All belief systems are tools -- I do not want any one to become my crutch.

To infinity and beyond!

~ G
3 Responses Jun 29, 2012

Spirituality is very fascinating to see what lies beyond our understanding. I feel there is so much more out there in terms of interdimensional spirit beings, et spirit beings, etc. I feel meditation is the beginning of wisdom and understanding.


Trust the beyond, and you're on the right track.