My Spirituality

I like to identify myself as spiritual, not religious. I was raised in Catholicism & although I can appreciate being brought up in religion, as an adult I believe that God is much bigger than any one religion.
I have had negative experiences in religion- exclusivity, judgement, condemnation. The whole experience of "We are right so they must be wrong" does not feel good; even when I was on the "right" side.
I want to accept people where they are, no matter their beliefs & I want to feel the same acceptance. I want to experience the goodness of others & show peace in return no matter what name they have for God. I do believe that God is a personal experience & if you can be open to that & tap into it then you can experience that peace that surpasses human understanding. I do believe there is one God that manifests itself through us so each one of us has our own individual experience of God.
I am open to learning from all types of avenues: Religion, Science, Philosophy, Life- but if it doesn't apply, I let it fly.
If it does not resonate with my heart & soul, I can let it go.
I am aware that I don't have all the answers but that's ok, it is the seeking that is the gift today.
Everyday is an opportunity to grow.
That is my peace.
That is my spirituality.
peacewalker peacewalker
41-45, F
Aug 10, 2012