My Ode To You

My ode to you

Who do believe about you?
where do you get your truth?
Holy words or holy books?
Waiting for a Jesus re-birth?
In the book of Thomas he says
Ignores living in your presence
He is of course referring to YOU
The only one to give you truth

He also rebuke’s the apostles too
Only speaking of dead: Not you
This again in the book of Thomas
A personal favourite of Jesus
A Gnostic gospel of Divine truth
Couldn’t be in the bible because
Would threaten those at the church top
Your empowerment; wanted to stop

Who ever achieves divine truth
No longer Christian; christed you
Master Jesus left Christ in all
But you have to connect to stand tall
This comes from the Gospel of Philip
But in the bible, wasn’t put in it
Religions cannot have you empowered
True spirituality they intentionally sour

That’s not to say christianity’s all bad
We all got truths to find, else we go mad
Religions designed to help you locate
Empathetic buttons of love not hate
But like a new baby’s wardrobe
Religions designed to be outgrown
And to catapult you to your truth
Which can only be found inside of you

Shame religion doesn’t train you to find
Your truth, just keeps you blind
Using doctrine, not doubting any words
Bible, scripture, keeps you in the herd
Religions want you to look at them
And to ask forgiveness to make heaven
Forgiving yourself is a much better way
Cut out the middle man, only when your ready

Like a trip on your first bike
Without stabilizers by your side
Religions don’t want you to fly solo
Removes your church from your spiritual logo
If the creeds you read do not feel
Right at all, neither the bells peal
Look for your truth inside of you
You will know what’s false and true

Your guides, Jesus, angels too
Are all there to help you
Navigate through your spirituality
Having no barriers is the key
Gnosis means to find divine truth
Apocrypha means hidden books too
The occult simply means to hide
But in who’s interest; all are good guides

Though too empowering for those in charge
Power over us? Having a laugh
Money and laws their only control
Take these away, power over you goes
Master Jesus kicked the money lenders out
Of our fathers temple, shame most are devout
To money instead of the divine realms
Shame there’s only karma and no hell

Ask and you shall receive too
If you need help taking away the blue
Money is just the cream on our cakes
And most are only half baked
If your not grateful for your life
You have, your surroundings, TV that’s wide
But with a billion starving on this earth
You should be grateful for your birth

People in the west don’t know they’ve lived
No drama or shortages; still what gives
Most are not happy unless they are moaning
About their lives truly groaning
This system has got you where it wants
Abject laziness and content with your lot
Though such an attitude will come back to bite
As all of us are just loosing sight

Of christen values, doing the right thing
A lack of will just leads to suffering
Programmed to be a dog eating dog
Compassion been drilled out of the lot
Addicted to coffee and the TV too
Your spirit has always been yours to loose
Find it again before it’s too late
By embracing an attitude of love not hate
41-45, M
Dec 15, 2012