We Are Projection Of Our Consciousness

Questions like who we are? Where we came from? What is destiny or what I am destined for? Why I feel sad? Is Death the end of everything? Questions like these have always puzzled us and we are so busy with our lives that we seldom have time to search for the answers. We live each day either planning for future or thinking about past events; in doing so we easily forget our present. It is always the present that pays the price for our ignorance. we leave this topic here for time being and talk about it later.


What is consciousness or chetana? Dictionary defines it as the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings or in easy words consciousness refers to individual awareness. As we enter metaphysical realm consciousness becomes more important and mystical than just making us aware about our surroundings, this is where magic begins. How about the idea of consciousness being the creator of universe? Weird isn’t it? Upanishad defines consciousness as the first cause of creation of the universe although science doesn’t support any of these theories but it is interesting to see what Upanishad says about creation of universe; first nothing existed except super consciousness alone (par brahm or in scientific terms we call it singularity) brahm then “wished” to be many and the universe came out of nothing but conscious wish of par brahm. At time of destruction the universe will disappears into brahm just like spider creates web and devours it. According to Upanishad the universe was created by brahm out of himself. Thus, everything we see here is made of “brahm” (which is nothing but consciousness itself) but it has given a separate name “The Maya” or Illusion.

Maya or Illusion
What is maya? Maya means not true or not real (advaita Vedanta philosophy) everything in the universe except the “brahm” is not true in other words everything other than “brahm” is Maya. The world we perceive through our senses is Maya which is true itself but untrue when compared to “brahm”. Maya is responsible for creating physical and metal reality in which our everyday consciousness gets entangled. It is through “Maya” the brahm created duality or many out of singularity. The goal of enlightenment is to become brahm by removing this duality.

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Thanks for this posting.

Very interesting, and well written.


I believe that Spirituality means recognizing that you are a spirit living in a human form temporarily..Remembering where you come from, being conscience of it.. I like your post too! Thanks

I agree with you...to sum up in few words "We are Spiritual beings having a human experience" spirituality is about becoming aware of our existence. Thanks for reading this post.