Spirituality = Inner Love

God is in our heart...

Rituals, idols of God...do not mean much...We keep on looking for God everywhere when the best place to seek for him is to take a glimpse in your heart ...:)


God dwells in our heart....All we need to do is clean that heart to become in contact with the Divine..Spirituality is indeed beautiful!

Lostmermaid Lostmermaid
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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

maryomaga3~ no offense duckie but, your comment confused me. As far as spirituality ~I have it, I love it, I use it as often as possible. LostMermaid~u heart does not fit ur name I am glad to see. Without God in my life how could I forgive those who do injustice to me.

You ever listen to any Bob Marley, He has some real good words about God,he says God is a living man today. Could you believe that, well there are people in the mealatary that do not give honer to our first black president, man that makes me so crazy you just don't know,I was going to ask you what does it mean to be spiritual? See I believe it to all of our hearts to maniafest him and her,God, Goddess, they are for real, do you believe in what the bible says in revalation 11, well I have already said to much,cause who here on God,Goddess, Father sky Mother earth, could ever believe such a tale, sorry if I evaded your thoughts Please forgive me.I am crazy,Love and Light Mary

You put that so beautifully.My life so full of love for our Lord I feel so honored to know Him, to know, I know His voice because I am His child.I see Him every day of my life,When I am in the woods and walk I talk to Him is is so beautiful!L would not want to spend one day with out Him. One outstanding topic!